Winter Wellness Herb Box


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Boost your immune system with the Winter Wellness Herb Box!  This Herb Box contains products that can be used daily to increase your immunity along with a few specific cold ‘n’ flu products if you happen to come down with a cold.

Included in this herb box is an e-book titled, ‘Nutritional Herbal Guide to Winter Wellness’.  In this e-book you will learn how to prevent cold ‘n’ flus, what to do if you feel a cold starting, and know which herbs to have on hand to deal with sore throats, coughs, fever and diarrhea.  There is information on herbal antibiotics and how to take care of yourself after you have the flu.  There are also 12 recipes which range from bone broth to rosehip preserves to an electrolyte blend.

The products you will find in the Winter Wellness Herb Box are:

Elderberry Syrup Pack

Immunity Bone Broth/Soup Pack


Cold ‘n’ Flu Tincture

Nutritional Herbal Guide to Winter Wellness E-book (you will receive a download link)

-A surprise item which may be Sage or Lavender Honey, Cedar or Spruce Needle Hydrosol, or Fire Cider

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