Wild Study Online Program- Level One



Exploring your backyard and the great outdoors becomes much more of an adventure when you can identify the plants and have the knowledge of their nutritional and medicinal properties. In level one of the online program, you will learn the basics of herbalism, wild-crafting, botany and medicine making.  Along with the foundation levels of the program we will delve deep into the study of 19 plants and trees that grow abundantly.  They are plants that can be easily identifiable because you probably have them growing in your yard or see them along the sides of the road.  Besides the 19 plants that we focus on you will learn about many other plants as you come along for the weekly virtual herb walks.

My goal for this online program is for you to feel comfortable identifying and working with the plants we cover in-depth as well as the ones we will discuss in the virtual herb walks.  I want you to be able to create herbal medicine with confidence for you and your family.  Most importantly, I hope to convey how amazing and complex the plants growing in your backyard are and that they are asking to be used by us to create health and happiness.

This program is suitable for people with beginner as well as intermediate herb knowledge.

For more detailed information about the course and a list of the modules & lessons click here!


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