Intro to Healing with Herbs & Nutrition



Learning more about herbs and nutrition can give you a great insight into your own health and well-being. Food and herbal medicine has been used for centuries, and by reconnecting with the old ways you can take a step back into the cycles of nature, and the harmony and balance it has to offer.
This Intro to Healing with Herbs & Nutrition workshop will allow you to create a connection with the plants that are growing around you as well as the ones you grab for in the kitchen or the grocery store. You’ll learn a variety of ways to incorporate holistic healing into your daily life to increase energy and overall wellness.
With winter on its way we will also discuss ways to support your immune system to prevent colds and flus. You will be provided with recipes for a variety of different herbal remedies that you will experience during the workshop.
This workshop is an introductory to the year-long Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism for Healthy Living course that will be offered in January. To receive information via email about this course click here.
The cost to attend is $20.  


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