FALL Seasonal Box



Bear Roots Forest CSA is a quarterly box of herbal medicines, created for the needs of each season, to help keep you balanced and healthy throughout the year.

Fall is a time of year where people start to struggle with colds, sinus and bronchial infections, runny noses, asthma, allergies, wet coughs, and constipation. These symptoms are clues that the lungs, colon, and immune system need tending.

´In the fall rhythm of the year we are called to slow down, turn inward, eat more warm and cooked foods, dress in layers, pace our work lives differently, and release old patterns, behaviours, and things that no longer nourish us.

´This releasing offers clarity for what serves us and how we can serve others.

In the Fall Herb Box you can expect to receive 4-5 products that will provide Lung Support, Strengthen the Immune System, Clearing, Transitioning & Eliminating.  Your CSA will include fresh and/or dried herbs, tinctures, teas, hydrosols, salves, oils, honey, vinegars, culinary delights and more.  Examples of products you may find in your Fall Herb Box include;


-Elderberry Syrup DIY Pack

-Fire Cider

-Cedar Hydrosol

-Lung Support Tea

-Fresh Thyme

-Fresh Sage

-Artisan Whole Grain Mustard

-Monarda (Bee Balm) Infused Honey

-Bitters Tincture

-Lung & Cough Syrup

-Replenish Body Butter


All products have been made using medicinal herbs that have been grown on our farm or wild-crafted sustainably from the farm or other local areas.


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